Thursday, July 06, 2006

Healthy energy 'interdependence'

I join C. Fred Bergsten, an economist and director of the Insitute for Intertional Economics, and others in debunking the myth of U.S. energy independence. For all the reasons readers of this blog are no doubt aware, we cannot meet our energy needs without imports. We even need Spanish-made turbines to meet the demand for wind energy in Pennyslvania!

Reduce imports? You bet. Eliminate them? No way. At least not in the current and next generations, because the price of energy, be it at the gasoline pump, on the NYMEX or at the utility user's meter, matters a lot. The 'independent' view pretents that it does not. Healthy energy INTERdependence is a realistic objective. That is what we should pursue. For more see the Wednesday, July 5 editions of The Wall Street Journal by John Fialka for "Energy Independence: A Dry Hole?"


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