Monday, July 31, 2006

Obstructionism or misplaced priorities by Bush on clean-energy technologies?

That's the question, at least among those with open minds, about why President Bush is not sending his top environmental adviser, James Connaughton, to a roundtable discussion today, July 31, in Long Beach, Calif. on how to work together to accelerate the deployment of clean-energy techologies. It's important enough for British Prime Minister Tony Blair, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and about 25 energy and other types of CEOs from around the world to be there. White House says there was a scheduling conflict. Critics are blasting the Bush Administration's "obstructionist stance."

This effort is under the auspices of London-based The Climate Group, a non-profit trying to spearhead action to reduce carbon emissions. Among the CEOs slated to attend: Jim Rogers of Duke Energy, Charles Holliday of DuPont and Richard Branson of Virgin Group.


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