Monday, July 17, 2006

Pro-nuke Entergy pressing for competitive advantage in EPA lawsuit

It may be asking to join only as a "friend of the court," but U.S.-based Entergy is squarely playing its nuclear card in begging to debate EPA authority under the Clean Air Act. The lawsuit pits states and environmentalists against the Bush administration which argues EPA doesn't have to regulate emissions standards, no matter which way you read the Clean Air Act. If the states, enviros and now Entergy were to prevail, the hammer on C02 emissions would come down harder and faster on utilities relying heavily on coal to generate electricity, giving Entergy a growing competitive advantage as the nation's second largest generator of electricity from nuclear energy (Exelon is first). In a motion filed recently that has not been widely reported, Entergy said it "has a perspective on C02 regulation that, while it is supportive of, does not mirror precisely those (views) held by (states and envrionmental groups)." Talk about strange bedfellows. Talk about a 'house' (aka the utility industry) divided.


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