Monday, August 14, 2006

'beyond petroleum' down the drain?

BP, already under attack by some enviros and regulators for the pipeline leak and corrosion in Alaska's North Slope, which followed a deadline refinary explosion in 2005 and allegations some of their traders cornered the propane market in 2005, is getting hit hard by coverage in The New York Times, including an op-ed today (Monday, August 14) by one of the creators of the company's 'beyond petroleum' campaign. Ad agency exec John Kenney laments what Sir John Browne's legacy might have been and what it is now destined to become. Just this past Saturday, columnist Joe Nocera slammed BP is nothing more than 'Old Oil.'

Knee-jerk reaction? Impact on end-users of their energy products? Too much company focus on flashy PR and not enough on critical infrastructure issues that threaten to undo the goodwill fostered by that PR? Would any company accept responsibility the manner in which US CEO is throughout the media?


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