Monday, September 25, 2006

All eyes on Schwarzenegger: will he require half of new cars sold by 2020 to run on alt fuels

California is set to march more aggressively into a cleaner energy future with a bill from Assemblyman Joe Nation, the "Foreign Oil Independence Act of 2006," (aka AB 1012), which awaits Gov. Schwarzenegger's signature as September comes to a close. This legislation requires half of all new cars and light trucks sold in California by 2020 to run on alternative fuels.

Proponents such as the California League of Conservation Voters argue that volatile fossil fuel markets, increasing pollution from developing nations, and the increasing availability of new technologies are all converging and require that states act now, especially because the federal government is showing little interest. Opponents such as the California Chamber of Commerce challenge whether it's realistic in the first place and that even the pursuit of it will drive up vehicle and fuel prices beyond the reach of many Californians.

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