Friday, September 29, 2006

Cap and trade talk from the Bush Administration

It's just talk right now but politics and credible state actions to meet environmental challenges such as California's new law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions might be nudging the White House toward some type of cap and trade program. In a transcript of an interview with The Wall Street Journal now available, Bush said if the administration's current programs to combat global warming don't meet his targets "relative to economic growth . . . the country ought to consider a cap and trade."

It cannot be lost on the White House that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger just Wednesday signed the country's first greenhouse emissions law into effect and that a cap and trade program is almost certain to become the centerpiece of the state's approach, according to an interview of Robert Sawyer, Chairman of the California Air Resources Board, by EnergyForward.

Bush added: "Listen, all these issues require intense -- the issue of warming, the environmental issue, requires intense focus and dedication to new technology. New technologies will not only enable us to be good stewards of the environment, but will also achieve another important objective -- it will achieve a national security objective and an economic security objective."


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